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Kingdom Building

High quality - completely free


Bible Studies, Christian Books, Christian Friction


Membership, Discipleship, Marriage, Deacon, etc


First Year: Basic Theology, Second Year: Doctrinal Sudies, Third Year: Systematic Theology


We need people to help create content
We need experts in their field to contribute articles and training material. If you have a powerpoint or course you want to convert to eLearning, let us know

Customise courses for your church

Church Member


Using our template you can customise our church membership course with your own church values, doctrine, affiations, ministries and even welcome videos from each of your elders.

Church Leader


Customise a general course for church leadership roles within your church, to align all leaders with your churches way of doing things.

Church Deacon


Customise your church deacon training for the expectations of your church, along with our bible based deacon training.




This is the program has really helped me streamline my faith. Through education my faith has become a lot strnoger.

Erica Powell, 32, New York

When I met Kingdom Workers, my top three goals were to study the bible, improve my walk with God and help others get closer to God. My eyes have been opened to the word, influenced my walk, and encourage me to make a difference. Thank you.

Mary Austin, 42, New York

I consider Kindom Workers an expert in biblical studies, enabling one to live a full spirit filled life! I was looking for knowledge and help on how to live out my life as a better Christian.

Lily Porter, 38, New York